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Jerry Best - Instructor/Owner

ORCKA Level II Canoe Instructor 
(Canoe Tripping, Canadian Style Paddling)

Fly Tying Instruction

Jerry taught for more than three decades, 17 years of which were in outdoor education running a day center and a residential center. His teaching specialty is environmental studies and he's taught all age groups from primary to Masters candidates. 

Jerry is a graduate of National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)- certified leader summer and winter, a certified ski touring leader and x-c instructor, has trained in mountaineering and climbing, trained in outdoor safety management, and is a graduate of Fenwick flyfishing school (Wyoming)jerry

His canoe tripping experience spans over 4 decades.

Jerry has led numerous trips over the years, such as: Burnside, Mara, Nahanni, Dumoine, Yellowknife,Thlewiaza, Missinaibi,etc...

His interests include canoeing, camping, fishing of all kinds with a preference toward the casting of a fly. Backpacking, skiing, cycling, cottage life, a glass of wine in front of the fireplace on a stormy winters eve with his wife Jennette, and long walks with the dog complete his life.. 

When stuck indoors, Jerry likes to tie flies or read.